Dexster Audio Editor Review


Dexster Audio Editor does not have every last bell and whistle we look for in an audio editor, but we love the fact that you can easily find all the tools and features it does have. This is because the interface is so logically constructed and useful.

A toolbar runs along the top of the screen with brightly colored graphics. As you roll over each button, the name of the tool pops up by the cursor and in a small window in the top right corner of the interface. The intuitive design makes it so anyone can use this product to extract audio from video files, convert file formats, record from the internet, add effects and filters, and burn CDs.

This audio editing software is missing a few tools we prefer to see, such as the ability to edit multiple tracks at the same time. Also, there are a few common effects missing, including a harmonizer, but this product continues to evolve and improve, so it may add missing components soon. Plus, Softdiv gives you free upgrades for a year so that you will always have the latest edition of the software.

This audio editing software can perform batch processing and conversions. It can also edit files' marker and tag information. All of the edits have a preview option and are fully adjustable. The application supports quite a few preset effects, including a compressor/expander, fade in/out, cross-fading, flange, phase, normalize, envelope, reverb and vibrato. Dexster Audio Editor offers a good collection of filters including high and low shelf, notch, band pass, FFT and a peak EQ filter. Dexster audio editing software has a noise-reduction feature, which is a relatively recent development. Earlier versions offered the ability to add noise, but none allowed you to take noise away.

Dexster works with a wide variety of compressed and uncompressed WAV files, as well as AIFF (Apple), AU, AVI, MP3, OGG and WMA (Windows) formats.

The mouse scroll can zoom in and out as far as you want instantly, and you can perform basic edits such as cut, paste or mix, copy and select from the right-click options. It also uses some of the basic Windows shortcut keys, which we feel are must-haves for optimal efficiency.

This product has excellent support if you need help figuring out how to use the tools or if you need help creating a specific effect. It has in-application help pages, a user guide, a glossary and tutorials, as well as an online user forum, FAQs and access to technical support by email.


Both creative and technical types – beginners and experts alike can use Dexster Audio Editor to produce great-sounding mixes, whether they're for an online radio station, a web tutorial or an important corporate presentation. This product can record anything from almost any source, from a microphone to streaming audio. After you master your audio track, the application will help your burn it to a disc. The variety of features and tools combined with the ease of navigation make this product an excellent choice.

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