SuperEZ Wave Editor Review

superez-wave-editor-box.pngWith SuperEZ Wave Editor, SuperEZ offers users an audio editing program that comes complete with extra functionality and a user interface that is friendly to beginners and well as professionals. In addition to providing a comprehensive set of editing tools, SuperEZ Wave Editor will also record and burn CDs. For users in search of a simple way to record, edit and burn custom music, SuperEZ Wave Editor should be given a serious look for anyone interested in learning a little more on audio editing software.

SuperEZ Wave Editor is offers nearly every basic editing function audiophiles might seek in an editing program. And the program’s easy-to-use interface helps get those new to editing into the game quickly.

The programs functionality is based on a simple theme – record, edit and burn. Users of SuperEZ Wave Editor will find that it really is as simple as advertised. Recording tools make it easy to record music, DVD, internet streams, etc. A complete set of editing tools makes it just as easy to work with a visual of the file and apply a number of effects, or to copy, cut, paste and more. An audio CD burner then enables the burning of CDs from a variety of file formats.

The record edit burn theme is made obvious in the straightforward layout of the user interface. Even those new to editing should find themselves performing all three functions within short time.

SuperEZ Wave Editor will enable the application of the most common special effects to audio files, including amplify, delay, fade, flange, invert reverb, stretch and vibrato. An equalizer is available to customize the sound, and a normalize effect will help to adjust those variances in volume among tracks or portions of tracks.

SuperEZ Wave Editor works with the most popular audio file formats including MP3, WAV and OGG. These formats can be converted to CD, and CD tracks can also be converted to one of these formats as well.

An embedded help feature is available with a list of topics that can be browsed or searched. The products website contains a number of helpful tips for further assistance.

SuperEZ Wave Editor is a complete editing program that is simple and straightforward to use. It is worth very serious consideration for those seeking to learn the ropes of audio editing MP3s. And for anyone else looking for a simple way to record, edit and burn tracks to CD, SuperEZ Wave Editor is a worthy investment.


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